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How will solar power benefit me?

The sun is a massive powerhouse providing a staggering 173,000 terawatts of energy (more than 10 times the entire world’s energy use every moment ) and Texas is perfectly situated to benefit from that free gift. Advances in technology and changes in financial regulations have allowed the cost of solar installation to plummet by 73% since 2006 . Now is the time to maximize the benefits of solar energy.

  • After the initial installation outlay you can reduce your power bills by as much as 100%. In fact, you can even sell your surplus power back to the electricity companies. That’s right; not only will you reduce your power bill, you may even make a profit from switching to solar power. Solar panels can yield an unprecedented Return On Investment (ROI) as high as 33% per year. Where else can you invest to get returns of such magnitude on such a safe investment?
    The Federal government is offering a 30% tax credit on the installation on solar electric power systems as part of their residential Renewal Energy Tax Credit scheme. That’s right—thirty percent off your tax bill but you need to act quickly, as the scheme will expire December 2016. You may also qualify for a USDA grant provided by the US Department of Agriculture. Power companies such as ONCOR offer financial incentives if you install solar panels. Why? Oncor spends millions every year to improve the infrastructure to cope with the spiraling load increases. If you go on Solar, you reduce the load that is traveling through their lines and poles and thus they don’t have to spend as much on infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. Don’t know how to gain the best advantage from the current tax laws? Our premier partner CPA firm will do 1 year of your personal tax returns for FREE! This is just another benefit of 1 Solar Solution’s total care package. Our commercial customers can reap additional benefits. Solar installations on your business property may be eligible for tax depreciation. Of course, you need to seek the advice of your CPA (or ours for that matter.
    You know that feeling of powerlessness as inflation drives you power bills up and up. With solar panels installed you won’t have to worry about rising energy pricing ever again. This is why major retailers in Texas such as; REI, Applied Materials, Kohl's, Campbell's Soup, Target, and IKEA are increasingly turning to solar power to maximize efficiency and profit.
    We know the devastating impact fossil fuel use has had on the environment. Now, we all have to do our part to take care of mother earth. Installing PV solar panels is an active step you can take to mitigate the effects of global warming. Generating your own electricity with solar panels is the equivalent of planting 269 trees for every year you have solar panels. We want our children to inherit mother earth in a better state than we found it. Solar Energy is abundant, clean and infinitely renewable. It just makes sense to utilize the space on your roof to generate free electricity. You and your family can enjoy using all the power you want knowing that you are doing your bit for a healthy environment and a healthy tomorrow.
    Installing solar power adds value to your property. Potential buyers know that they can buy your house and enjoy low power bills immediately with no additional outlay.

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How do PV solar panels work?

In simple terms; solar panels contain vast arrays of photovoltaic (PV) cells made of thin silicon wafers that convert sunlight into electricity by capturing light photons. The specially treated semi-conductor cells (PV or solar cells) with positive and negative faces direct the electrons released by the photons and create an electrical current.

You can read a more detailed description of how solar panels work at the Florida solar Energy Center


Or learn more at our blog.

As with any electricity generation system you need a way to not only generate but to harvest, convert, store and release this electricity in a stable and  efficient manner.

Thus, a well set-up solar power installation will include:

  • A DC-AC power inverter
  • A battery bank to store power. This tends to be one of the more expensive parts of the installation but is particularly important because it is not currently feasible to generate power from the sun at nighttime when you most need it.
  • System controller and other assorted hardware such as surge and overcharge protectors, auxiliary energy sources, and other power processing equipment.

Of course, there is much more to it than that but the crucial element remains the efficiency of the PV cells to capture light and convert it to electricity. Other aspects such as the placement and angle of the panels, temperature, amount of shade, degree of battery charge/discharge also play an important role in the efficiency of a solar power system and this is where you will benefit from the knowledge of 1 Solar Solution, LLC’s experts. 

Just look at the benefits of solar power—a truly renewable energy source. There has never been a better time to have solar panels installed on your home.

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