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The sun rises every day. That's why solar power is a completely renewable, reliable and clean energy source. It reduces our reliance on dirty sources of power such as oil, coal and natural gas, which produce harmful emissions affecting our health and environment.

1 Solar Solution have been delivering on a vision to create a planet run by the sun and provide Americans with affordable, reliable and clean energy. Residential solar energy systems represent an investment in the future of the planet, conserving non-renewable energy sources and protecting the environment.

In addition, solar panels and home batteries are becoming more affordable, accessible, resilient and efficient. They provide peace of mind and energy security for households when the power goes out or the next storm strikes. Unlike those from your utility, Our customers pay predictable, affordable rates for 20 to 25 years. With home solar, you get to control your energy future.

YES, solar power is for everyone! It is one the best options available to reduce your own personal carbon footprint, and the benefits are plentiful. Solar power is a renewable form of energy that eliminates the need of burning of fossil fuels, which are directly responsible for global and environmental damage. There are no emissions during the production of solar power, and it is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy known to mankind. In addition, a solar power system is basically maintenance free, which further reduces the carbon footprint of the solar power system. Traditional electric sources such as coal, oil and natural gas result in the emission of polluting gasses, some of which are toxic and extremely detrimental to the environment. Fossil fuels are and continue to be one of the largest causes of global warming. Depleting sources of fossil fuels also cause dramatic spikes in the cost of energy, which can be mitigated by implementing clean solar power energy.


The sooner the better!! Federal Tax incentives and local incentives are decreasing every year. Federal Tax Credit for year 2020 is 26% which drops to 22% in 2021. There are no plans yet on renewal of these incentives and they tremendously help bring down the cost of solar installs. So, don’t wait and Go solar NOW!!

Net metering is a billing mechanism that utilizes a bi-directional meter. That meter records energy taken from the grid and then deducts the energy supplied to the grid by solar energy. This allows homeowners with solar to save money on their monthly electric bills, and in some cases, they can even get a credit for excess power generated!

Typically, in your area, distribution utility, city, and HOA (if applicable) approvals are required. We take care of obtaining approvals from utility companies and city on your behalf. Upon signing to move forward with us, it could take up to 60 – 120 days to obtain the approvals and complete the installation of your system

Estimated returns on solar home improvement are higher than the average returns of the S&P 500 over the past 25 years. Typically, your system should pay for itself in about 6-8 years. Since individual circumstances vary greatly, we strongly recommend that you consider consulting with your financial advisor.

You own the system. Unlike a solar lease or solar PPA option, there is no penalty if you sell your property and the system is transferrable to the new owner.

Studies have been conducted that indicate an increase in property value with the installation of a solar power system. This increase can be up to $20,000 for every $1,000 of savings in your electric bill. It is a great home improvement that adds value in appraisal while saving money.

Ideally, you should install solar panels on a roof that is in good working condition. When a Universal Solar site auditor comes out to inspect your building prior to installation, they will check to make sure that your roof is suitable for a solar installation. Once the solar panels are installed, they help to protect your roof from the elements, including hail. If you should ever need to make repairs on the roof, the solar panels will need to be removed and re-installed. Universal Solar offers this service and is usually covered by home insurance policy.

By state law, if your property value increases due to a renewable energy solution, your property taxes cannot increase.

Silicon solar cells are typically encased in high strength aluminum frames with 3 to 4 mm thick tempered glass and are about three times stronger than your normal composite shingle. Most solar panels have been designed and tested to withstand up to 1” diameter hail striking perpendicularly to the module at 60 mph. If solar panels are damaged by hail, they are typically covered under a home or building insurance policy.

There are several options to finance your solar power system. Please check the loan option for solar panel system for further details.

All system components are fully warranted by their respective manufacturer. Solar Panels: 25-year, Solar Inverter: At least 10 years (Option to buy additional upto15 warranty), Installation labor: 10 years.

A carbon credit is value received by offsetting carbon emission in the environment. It is normally done for larger installations, i.e. utility scale or group of installations summing up to utility scale. These credits are sold by companies in alternate markets.