2017 solar rebates

End of 2017: What Does this Mean Regarding Solar? 

As we’ve mentioned before, there are many incentives and rebates offered to those who wish to install solar panels either at their residence or at their place of business. Customers rely on these incentives and/or rebates as they help reduce the cost of going solar. However, most rebate programs work on a first come, first serve […]

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How Low can your Solar Costs Go?

You can get solar for as low as $99 per month! In 2016, renewable energy accounted for 15% of energy generation. With that percentage on the rise, electric bills AND carbon emissions are being lowered. Because of this, it’s no surprise that people are making the smart switch, especially when it comes to solar energy. Nearly 40% of […]

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Solar vs. Fossil: What’s the Big Deal?

Fossil fuels have been in use since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. However, these finite resources have been exhausted in less than 200 years to the point where coal will run out in 108 years, natural gas in 52 and oil in 51. Thankfully, the solar industry is growing rapidly every year and […]

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Solar Power Facts to Brighten your Day

Although the sun has been around for billions of years, solar power has only been in use since the 1830s. This was when the photovoltaic effect (the exposure to light which creates voltage/electric current) was discovered. Since then, many facts about solar power have been learned. Here are 12 solar power facts that you may not […]

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solar economy

88,000 Jobs Hang in Balance Awaiting Trump’s Decision

If there is one promise Candidate Trump made to the American people while seeking the highest office in the land, it was to protect and promote American Jobs. President Trump will have a chance to impact more than 260,000 jobs in the near future and could possibly save or destroy an emerging industry. Experts say […]

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solar solutions

Solar Solutions: Power Out, Panels In

In light of all the recent natural disasters around the world, thousands of families have been faced with power outages lasting for multiple hours, some even for days. However, a number of homes and business were able to stay powered thanks to the growing use of solar products, paired with batteries.  In particular, when Hurricane […]

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Solar Incentives and Rebates at your Door!

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, and that includes the benefits of going solar. Our state has been ranked a top 10 solar state. Because of this, a numerous number of incentives and rebates are offered to those who choose the bright path of solar energy.  What are some incentives offered in Texas? Net […]

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Solar Panels and Spirituality

With Dallas being such a diverse city that consists of many different faiths, there are tons of places to worship, including buildings, churches and temples as well. Whether someone chooses to go to a temple, church or mosque, they go to achieve a maximum spiritual connection that they are hard pressed to find anywhere else. […]

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Dallas – The New Hub for Solar Installation

With the sun producing over 173,000 terawatts of energy and Texas being where it is, it’s time we leverage this gift of sunlight that has been given to us. Here at 1 Solar Solution, we take pride in being the preferred solar company in Dallas. With a reputation like that and rising popularity for solar […]

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Solar Panel Quotes: Is the Price Right for You?

Watch out electric bills, there’s a better source of energy in town! With the demand for solar energy on the rise, it’s no surprise that more people are joining the bandwagon after watching their neighbors, family, and friends make the smart switch. Who wouldn’t want to reduce their electric costs AND help save the planet […]

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