Zero risk, all reward?

We’ve already discussed how the company gives the illusion of taking all risk off the customer’s hands. But, how do they benefit? The company charges the consumer in either the PPA or the lease model, and payments can range from 10 to 15 percent of the total system cost per year. In turn, they recover […]

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Leasing and PPA

Pulling back the curtains on Solar Ownership options Ray Kroc, the genius behind McDonald’s, once told a class of graduates that he was not in the restaurant business at all; he was in the real estate business. Many believe this is what led to McDonald’s enormous success – understanding the nuances behind their business. With […]

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Is Solar a Wise Investment for Businesses?

Is Solar a wise investment for businesses and how does that impact utilities? Would you pay an $87 Million exit fee to leave the grid? If you are like most customers you probably didn’t even know that in some states you might have to pay a fee to get completely off the grid.  MGM recently […]

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