How Quality Solar Panels Make a Difference

Purchasing a solar panel system can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to picking a manufacturer. With demand for solar energy on the rise, suppliers have been competing to be the leading manufacturer on the market. This week we’re going to look into Tier 1 panels and what gives them the reputation of being nothing but the best.

Having Tier 1 panels isn’t something just any company can claim to have. The status is given to manufacturers by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation based on financial stability. So in reality, Bloomberg cares more about the financial aspects of a company rather than the quality it can provide. Another factor that contributes to becoming a Tier 1 manufacturer is if the company has been producing panels for at least 5 years and if they’ve significantly invested in marketing their brand.

Tier 1 panels are expected to have very high quality and efficiency to produce energy that will last the entire lifetime of the panels. Another reason for having a reputable name is simply because the manufacturer follows Bloomberg’s criteria of manufacturers owning their own facilities to produce instead of outsourcing. When a company chooses to do this, it means they follow strict control guidelines that will result in an overall more reliable and better product for you to use! Although Tier 1 panels tend to be 10-30% more expensive, you know to expect the best quality out there that will be worth every penny.

1 Solar Solution uses Tier 1 panels for installation and that’s something we take pride in as should our costumers who have installed through us. There’s a reason our manufacturers have been picked by Bloomberg and given this esteemed status and that’s something you shouldn’t ignore. You’ll already be investing a lot of money on your solar panels so why not make sure you have the most reputable and reliable panels to help you cut down your electric costs?

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