Can cities raise the renewable standard? 

It’s no secret that Texas offers some great incentives and rebates for costumers to switch to renewable energy. But if states like Texas truly want its residents to shift to a more efficient power source, why don’t cities offer rebates of their own?

Georgetown is a Texas city on its way to using 100% renewable energy. The city currently purchases all of its renewable energy needs, making it the first to do so in the great state of Texas. So what if cities in suburban Dallas, such as Frisco, followed Georgetown’s footsteps but also offered rebates? We’re here to shed light on why and how this concept would be beneficial to communities at large. 

100 homes going solar is equivalent to 27,000 trees being planted EACH YEAR during the 25 year warranted lifetime of solar panels! So over a 25 year span, you are talking the equivalent of planting 675,000 trees!!! Most systems do in fact outlive their warranties, that 650,000 number could be closer to 1 million! 

To get these homes to switch to renewable energy would require something a little more than just state rebates/incentives. That’s where the local rebates come into play. While Frisco could potentially budget rebates from their own funds, we’ve come up with an alternative solution. 

Instead of the city funding the rebates for even just 100 homes, why not get major Frisco businesses to pitch in $25,000 total to serve as a rebate pool? The Ford Center, Ikea, Baylor Medical Center and Oracle Corporation are all big names with major offices (if not headquarters) in Frisco. Not only would this set green standards for other cities to follow, but it would be a huge PR success for the companies that get involved, and of course for Frisco itself. 

Just look at how much publicity Georgetown has gained because of the renewable energy switch. Imagine how much publicity Frisco and other Texas cecitis would receive if there were unique rebates offered to residents and business owners throughout the state. And – to be the first city to do so with the help of major corporations? It truly would be a win-win situation for Frisco. Offering local rebates will show people around the country what it means to be environmentally friendly while also being cost-efficient. 

If cities offered rebates on top of state rebates and incentives that are already in place, more people would willingly make the smart switch with less hesitation. Another plus would be that each city that rolls out a renewable energy plan would become a more appealing place for people who are looking to relocate to. Frisco is already a rapidly growing area so this would definitely be the cherry on top.

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