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The Rise of Renewable Energy

Everyone knows that Saudi Arabia is the largest global oil exporter, accounting for 22% of the world’s petroleum resources. However, declining oil costs have made it difficult to pay oil workers in that country. So what can Saudi do to boost their shrinking economy? Thankfully, a lot due to the renewable energy rise.

The Saudi government has decided to fund $500 billion for a new, renewable mega-city project. The project is called NEOM and is set to be 33 times larger than New York City. The goal is to shift economic focus from crude oil to a more stable resource – 100% renewable energy. This will also expand horizons in other industries so the economy can prosper even further. The first sector of NEOM is scheduled to be completed by 2025.

In past blogs, we’ve mentioned how renewable energy saves all kind of “greens” – from money to the environment, and this is a prime example of that in action. Saudi’s mega-city project will make it one of the largest cities in the world to be completely powered by renewable energy.

In America, Burlington, Vermont is one of the first cities in the country to be powered completely by renewable resources for its residential electric needs. Texas has also “seen the light” regarding renewable energy as Georgetown is the first Texas city-owned utility to abandon fossil fuels.

As renewable energy continues to gain popularity around the world, now is the perfect time for you to switch to solar. Take advantage of the sun’s everlasting source for your electric bills while also sustaining a healthier planet and future for generations to come.

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