Dallas – The New Hub for Solar Installation

With the sun producing over 173,000 terawatts of energy and Texas being where it is, it’s time we leverage this gift of sunlight that has been given to us. Here at 1 Solar Solution, we take pride in being the preferred solar company in Dallas. With a reputation like that and rising popularity for solar panel installations, we make it our up most priority to provide the best possible service from the minute you give us a call to the day installation is complete.

Our productive team of installers have extensive training that equips them for the job. They comply with the strictest safety regulations and ensure complete compliance at all times. Because of our skilled team with decades worth of experience, installation is made easy. 

Upon giving us a call, you’ll receive a completely free consultation from one of our committed representatives. We’ll be able to give expert advice and we will also answer any questions that may be on your mind regarding going green. This service is convenient and the best part is that it’s obligation free! By going solar, you’ll reduce your electric bills and let future generations have a brighter, sustainable tomorrow.

Using solar energy for a year is equivalent to planting 250 trees and taking 60 cars off of roads and highways! Texas has such a large potential for renewable energy and it would be a shame to not take advantage of it. Let us be the company that reduces your carbon footprint and gain profits from as well. 

Give us a call now to start saving for later. 


(O) 1(855) 60-1SOLAR (601-7652)

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