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Solar Solutions: Power Out, Panels In

In light of all the recent natural disasters around the world, thousands of families have been faced with power outages lasting for multiple hours, some even for days. However, a number of homes and business were able to stay powered thanks to the growing use of solar products, paired with batteries. 

In particular, when Hurricane Irma hit Orlando, residents on Andy Green’s street lost power. Fortunately for Green, he was capable of keeping his home’s electricity flowing thanks to a battery backup system. Although Green’s house didn’t have complete power, he was able to keep his lights on, his internet was up and running and his refrigerator and air conditioning were working as well. So how was Green able to accomplish this while his neighbors had no power at all?

Before a storm hits, you can set your battery’s settings to make sure it’s programmed to work as an electricity backup unit. Once your power is out, the backup kicks in to work with your solar panels. Solar panels alone aren’t enough to power a whole house during an outage, but with enough energy from the battery combined with the panels, power can be generated throughout your home for a lengthy amount of time.

Although this type of solar system can be costly, prices have drop recently, making this solar solution very affordable and it will save you money and can keep you up and running in a natural disaster. For some people, it can truly make the difference between surviving quite comfortably and suffering miserably through different situations. 

Are you ready to be self-contained during a natural disaster? If so, reach out to us today so we can provide you with solar solutions to solve your power problems!

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