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How will Solar Power Benefit me?


Reduce your Power Bill

There are certain things to consider about the size of a solar array (i.e., the number of solar panels) for your power needs. Where you live, the angle of your roof, how much sun you get in summer and winter - and the energy needs of your family - to name a few considerations. But when you add a battery. you can stand to save even more.
A solar system coupled with a solar battery is the talk of the town right now. Technology is moving fast, and the future is in batteries. A solar battery enables you to store excess energy produced by your solar panels during the day to use at night when the sun goes down, or when utility rates are the highest (e.g. after work and at nighttime). You are in control of your energy needs and your utility company is not. And when the sun comes back up in the morning? Your battery is recharged... all over again.

Solar panels can help you cut your electric bill by up to 50% per month.

When your home has solar panels, energy from the sun will be used to power your electricity, except for when the sun is not present, such as during thunderstorms or at night.

By installing a solar system, homeowners can produce their own power and therefore purchase less from the utility.