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How will Solar Power Benefit me?


No more Worries from Rising Energy Costs

Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it to DC electricity. Solar and Utility power work together to supply your home or business with the amount of energy it demands.

DC electricity from the solar panels travels to the inverters where it is converted to the AC electricity Sometimes, the solar energy is enough to satisfy the demand for the entire home/business, while returning additional power to the grid.

From the inverter, AC electricity passes to the electricity service panel (breaker box) where it’s routed to power your building or home. Utility meters do not track direct input from solar. Meters track input from solar sent back to the grid.

When your solar system generates more power than your building or home is consuming the excess electricity is routed to the power grid. This earns credits on your bill (called net-metering). Even if a little or no surplus energy is returned to the grid, monthly KWH use on a bill will be lower due to the offset from solar power. You save by both reduced use and surplus credit.