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10 Solar Energy Myths and Urban Legends

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It seems that wherever there is information, there’s always plenty of misinformation. Solar energy, the solution that is being hailed as our key to the reduction of emissions, is no different. Myths and urban legends abound, and it can be difficult to know who one should believe. We uncover the top ten solar energy myths that are doing the rounds today:

  1. Solar Panels only work on sunny days

Wrong! All you need is UV light, and you get that even on cloudy days. That’s why solar energy is so popular in rainy Europe, even in countries with few sunshine days every year.

  1. Installation costs are too high to make solar energy worthwhile.

While this may have been true a few decades ago, the cost of installing solar panels has actually dropped considerably in recent years. And state incentives make your solar installation even cheaper. Solar energy installations are now well within the reach of ordinary Americans. In fact, many of our customers qualify for tens of thousands in grants/rebates and credits making solar a smart financial decision from day 1.

  1. You will have to work hard to maintain your solar panels

Quite the contrary! You’ll seldom need to clean or maintain your solar panels, and with average warranties lasting for 25 years, you will have a low to no maintenance source of cheap energy for decades to come.

  1. You will have a big, ugly eyesore on your roofsolar-energy-860205_640

Once again, this myth harks back to the early days of solar power. Once upon a time, you really did have to live with a bulky construction, but nowadays, Solar panels are relatively unobtrusive and won’t spoil the look of your home.

  1. There aren’t many states where you can get incentives to install solar energy

Renewable energy incentives are now offered by 48 states. These incentives are over and above the federal tax credit of 30% Our ONCOR residential customers can see a rebate as high as $10,000 and customers in the Denton Municipal Electric can get up to $15,000 back.  How much do you qualify for?  Contact us to find out!

  1. You won’t get a reliable power supply

Power supply is extremely reliable across the state of Texas.  One of the benefits of a grid tied system is you can use all of the power you generate during the day, and if needed, use the power you need during the night.  We can also provide battery back up systems if the customer so requires.

  1. You won’t benefit from Solar Energy unless you have a South facing roof

While South facing roofs are ideal for solar installations, East or West-facing roofs are also suitable, and will generate sufficient solar energy for the average household.

  1. Solar panels can’t handle heavy weather

Properly installed solar panels will tolerate high winds, hail and snow with ease. The snow melts quickly from the panels owing to their dark, heat absorbing colour. If your installation faces South, this happens even faster. Our panels are tested for 1 inch hail at 60 mile per hour coming in at a 90 degree angle.

  1. You won’t recover you installation costs by the time you sell your house

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that a solar system that saves you $1,000 per year in utility costs, boosts your home’s value by $20,000. Plus, you’ll be saving on your utility bill from the word ‘go’, and you get the state and federal incentives. A good solar consultant will be able to provide a pretty accurate estimate of how long it will take for your system to pay for itself.

  1. You’ll have to have a costly, bulky, battery system to enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

While you can consider this option, it’s not the one that most people choose. Most solar-powered homes are grid-tied. That means that your excess energy goes back onto the grid, turning your utility meter back as you generate solar energy. When you need to use the grid, the electricity credits count in your favour. Can solar energy work for you? Would you like to know if Solar Panels are the right investment for your home or business? Let us create a free, fully customized proposal for you. Within our proposal, we will provide you all of the information you need to make an informed decision! Call us at 1855-601SOLAR (601-7652) or visit our site at www.1SolarSolution.com