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Going Green with Frisco

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Our reliance on fossil fuels has come at an enormous cost to the environment. Coal fired power stations are responsible for dangerously high levels of carbon emissions. Air pollution has resulted in global warming; the mining of coal has caused extensive habitat loss, pushing many species beyond the brink of extinction. If we are going to stem the tide, then it's time we got going green with Frisco.

To continue as we have is clearly not a sustainable situation. This is why we at 1 Solar Solutions are going green with Frisco, by encouraging consumers to make the switch to renewable energy sources such as solar.

Our Tier-1 solar panels can generate as much as 14,000 kW of electricity each year. This equates to 350,000 kW of electricity over their lifetime! How does this benefit the environment? Each year that your house runs on solar energy is the equivalent of planting over 260 trees. What better way is there to get going green with Frisco than than to invest in a solar installation?

A complete solar installation will slash your monthly electricity bills, giving you, the consumer, an unprecedented return on investment of between 15% and 33%. Not only will you be going green with Frisco, you will be saving money too. This money could be spent on your child's education while providing a legacy of a greener and healthier tomorrow.

Our commitment to get people going green in Frisco is evidenced in the range of complete solar solutions we have to offer. From affordable in-house financing options to unmatched 25 year warranties on our products, we take pride in providing service excellence and attracting satisfied customers from all walks of life.

Our efficient and well trained installation teams can get you going green with Frisco in record time. Working in accordance with the customers exact needs and specifications, we are able to complete an entire solar panel installation in just six weeks.

If you are a responsible consumer who wishes to get going green with Frisco, why not give us a call? Our friendly call center agents will be able to schedule a free consultation at your convenience, this at no risk or obligation to yourself. No job is too big or too small.

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