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Best Cities for solar Power in the USA

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Solar power in the USA is gaining momentum, but you may be surmised to find that the cities that are making the biggest solar-powered savings aren’t always in the sunniest locations. Take New York as an example. It’s the biggest solar power user in the US and the city is saving over one million dollars a year thanks to its implementation of solar power. The fact is, the higher the cost of electricity in your area, the bigger the savings you can generate through using solar power. High electricity cost = bigger savings The savings you can make from solar power in the USA isn’t dictated by how much sunshine you get as much as it is determined by electricity prices. And with photovoltaic cells getting more efficient as the years go by, the need for strong sunshine all day long just isn’t there anymore. Take Germany as an example. It’s the solar power capital of the world in terms of solar power generation – but it’s hardly the spot you’d choose for a sunny, tropical holiday! Top 20 US cities for solar power Brace yourself for some surprises and check out our top twenty list:

  1. New York
  2. Honolulu (no surprises here!)
  3. Los Angeles
  4. San Francisco
  5. Las Vegas
  6. Phoenix
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Houston
  9. Denver
  10. Orlando
  11. Boston
  12. Topeka
  13. Omaha
  14. Milwaukee
  15. Minneapolis
  16. Detroit
  17. Memphis
  18. Washington DC
  19. Atlanta
  20. New Orleans

Anchorage, Alaska, just misses the top 20 with a 24th place. Sunny? Well, sometimes, but hardly one of the places with the most sunshine hours per year! Quite the contrary. As for the winters, they’re positively gloomy, but solar power is still an important contributor to energy generation in Anchorage. All over the USA, people are discovering that solar energy isn’t just good for the environment. It benefits them where they feel it most – in their household and company budgets. And let’s not forget that government incentives are making solar power more popular than ever. Why the explosive growth in solar power for America? Let’s be honest with ourselves, it isn’t altruism that drives us to install solar power in the USA. At least – not in most cases. Yes, knowing that it’s good for the environment gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling, but you aren’t going to fork out much money just to feel as if you’re doing your bit for the environment. What’s driving most of us is savings. Big savings, especially when you consider them over time. The list of top cities for solar power in the USA has one thing in common – high electricity costs. Why fork out money if you don’t have to? As a nation, we can be pretty smart that way! Interestingly, Las Vegas is producing way more solar energy than New York, but with lower electricity costs, the savings are quite a lot lower. But it’ still enough of a saving to motivate Las Vegas to get in on the act (they’re the number 5 saver in money terms). It’s a good cushion too. If energy costs were to soar, which they’ve done in the past, the cities that produce the most solar energy are going to be the biggest winners. Why? Well, you can’t put a price on solar energy. It’s absolutely free. 20 years or more of free electricity Is that a bold statement to make? But it is a reality. That’s exactly what you can get with the right solar installation, and most solar panels will last for at least 20 years if not more with minimal maintenance. Plus, solar power is adding value to properties. Solar power in the USA is here to stay, and it’s going to make a huge difference to our pocketbooks, our health and our long-term wealth. Want to know more? Would you like to know if Solar Panels are the right investment for your home or business? Let us create a free, fully customized proposal for you. Within our proposal, we will provide you all of the information you need to make an informed decision! Call us at 1855-60-1SOLAR (601-7652) or visit our site at   www.1SolarSolution.com