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PACE, solar energy and commerce: are you losing out?

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Solar energy is the new way to power America. From being the world’s greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions to becoming the country with the cleanest air, the US is going all out to make the change to renewable energy. That all sounds very nice, but as a business entrepreneur, you want to know how this works for you and your business. Ideals are pretty, but there’s nothing lovelier than a healthy bottom line. And let’s face it, times are still tough. The PACE program makes it worth your while Solar energy can save you a small fortune in electricity costs, but for the average business, the capital outlay to install solar power is prohibitive. Where will you raise the capital? And even if you can manage that, aren’t there more profitable ways to employ it? That’s where the PACE program comes in. You can install solar power with capital provided by the PACE program, pay it back along with your property tax over a whole 20 years, and claim the rebate on installation cost in your first year’s tax. Too good to be true? Let’s get this straight: you can finance your solar energy installation in full through the PACE program. The loan is linked to your property, so you’re only responsible for it as long as you own the premises. In the meantime, you get ‘free’ electricity from the sun and you get to claim a tax rebate? Absolutely right! If there’s a PACE program in your area and your business hasn’t taken advantage of it, you may just be losing out big time. Still not clear why? Here’s the list of things you could be missing out on:

  • Free energy from the sun that can reduce or eliminate your electricity overheads.
  • A 20 year loan on your solar installation that’s easy to repay, especially when you take your cost savings on electricity into account.
  • A tax rebate that could save you thousands – at least for the first year.
  • A golden opportunity to market yourself as a ‘green’ business without having to fork out a fortune upfront for the privilege.

The facts Just having a solar energy installation could save you more than the annual PACE program repayments. You heard that right: you can get a loan for technology that will save you more money than the loan costs! It’s as if the government is offering you free money just to go solar. Of course, the scale of your savings will vary depending on the size of the installation and your usual electricity cost. Get a solar energy consultant to crunch the numbers for you, you may be surprised to find just how big your savings could be. Only for businesses – for how long? When the PACE program was first rolled out, it was available to both households and businesses, but today, it’s only available for businesses. As more and more businesses catch on to the incredible savings that solar energy has to offer, local governments won’t even need incentives like the PACE program to get people on board. How long will this fantastic opportunity last? Only time will tell, but if you get on the program now, at least you’ll know that you grabbed opportunity when the opportunity knocked. It’s quite possible that in years to come businesses will be glad to cash in on the savings solar energy offers – without the added incentives that are currently in place. How will you know if solar energy is right for your business? It’s a numbers game. How much energy will you generate for free? How much will you save? How will your savings compare to the repayments you’ll make if you take advantage of the PACE program? Most businesses will score big time – especially when you take the tax rebate into consideration. How will your business fare? The best step that you can take right now is to get a solar energy professional to calculate your electricity generation potential and the costs you’ll save. From there on, it’s a simple step to compare your annual savings to your yearly PACE repayments. The math should tell its own story, and chances are, saying ‘no’ to the PACE program could cost you. Why not get the facts now? Would you like to know if Solar Panels are the right investment for your home or business? Let us create a free, fully customized proposal for you. Within our proposal, we will provide you all of the information you need to make an informed decision! Call us at 1855-60-1SOLAR (601-7652) or visit our site at   www.1SolarSolution.com