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Why so many in Dallas/Fort Worth are Choosing 1Solar Solution

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Solar energy, emissions reduction and the PACE program are getting lots of press coverage right now, and going solar is the new direction for powering America. That’s good news for Americans everywhere – if we can stop building dangerous nuclear power stations and reduce our dependence on dirty, coal-burning energy generation, we’re certainly looking at a brighter future. The Dallas / Fort Worth area has not been slow in taking up the challenge, and 1Solar Solution has been there for them all the way. From determining the viability of Solar installations for specific buildings to obtaining finance and funding for clients and getting the installation up and running, 1Solar has built a reputation for going the extra mile. We look at 1Solar’s value-added services, allowing you to get an overview of the benefits the company offers. Third Party Financing Solar energy saves you money and pays for itself – but before it can start doing that for you, you need to raise the money to install your solar panels. 1Solar has sought out financing for its clients from financial service providers like Synchrony (Formerly GE Capital) with a focus on repayments that can easily be covered using the savings generated by a solar installation. By using 1Solar Solution as an intermediary, the client gets extra bargaining power – after all the banks want the business, and 1Solar can send quite a lot of business their way. It pays them to offer very favorable rates and repayment terms to 1Solar’s clients, so there’s a great win-win situation between bank and client. Facilitating PACE program applications Owners of industrial properties can get even more favorable financing through the government-run PACE program. The repayments on the loan become part of property tax and are levied over a period of 20 years.  Businesses really score with this deal, but getting the application through isn’t all that easy. Once again, 1Solar Solution steps up to the plate. Top products and great warranties 1Solar only works with Tier 1 suppliers. Rensola, their solar panel supplier is a great example. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and is a top supplier of solar energy equipment all around the world. The top companies that produce and supply inverters are Rensola, Fronius/SMA and Solar Edge - and 1Solar uses these product ranges, basing its recommendations on specific client needs. Long warranty periods ensure that 1Solar’s clients can install solar energy with confidence. And of course, 1Solar is confident that very few of its clients will ever have to claim on those warranties. When you’re going to offer guarantees, you need a great deal of confidence in your workmanship and the products you supply! Expert Design and Installation 1Solar Solution is no backyard business. Its technicians really know their stuff – one of the partners even owns a 2MW utility scale plant in India. While many amateurs think that the solar energy business is a great route to an easy buck, 1Solar doesn’t take any shortcuts. They’ll even do the math ahead of time and accurately calculate your costs and your benefits, contrasting them with your payments so that you get a full picture before you make up your mind. As for your guaranteed equipment and installation, everything will work perfectly from the start. Installation is neat, non-invasive and professionally executed, and you get the benefit of any follow-up customer service and advice that you may need. Ongoing after-sales service There are a lot of contractors out there who suddenly become impossible to deal with the minute your bill has been paid. But 1Solar are passionate about their work. They aim to save their clients’ money through smart solar installations, and they know that great after-sales service ensures that clients are happy to refer their friends. 1Solar for Dallas / Fort Worth? It’s a no-brainer 1Solar are true professionals who not only understand their field, but are proud of their workmanship and client service. Whether you are a homeowner hoping to save a few bucks with solar power or a business seeking information on Dallas solar power, the PACE program and electricity savings, 1Solar can provide the quality products and service excellence that makes your client journey an absolute pleasure! Would you like to know if Solar Panels are the right investment for your home or business? Let us create a free, fully customized proposal for you. Within our proposal, we will provide you all of the information you need to make an informed decision! Call us at 1855-60-1SOLAR (601-7652) or visit our site at   www.1SolarSolution.com