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With decades of experience in the renewable energy market, 1 Solar Solution has become the leading solar company in Richardson.

Our commitment to service excellence speaks for itself. We offer a 100% free consultation service with no obligation to the consumer. Our installation teams undergo extensive training and take pride in being able to complete an entire project in just six weeks.

We refuse to compromise on quality. Our Tier 1 solar panels are sourced according to the highest specifications. We offer a 25 year lifetime manufacturer’s warranty which no other solar company in Richardson is able to match.

Our solar panels are able to produce 1400 kWH of electricity in a year and about 350,000 kWH over their entire lifetime. Unlike many of our competitors, our solar systems are not reliant on roof mountings. How does this benefit you?

Firstly, you will be able to slash your electricity costs. By switching your house over to run on renewable energy, our solar panel systems will provide you with a return on investment (ROI) of up to 30%. This translates to massive savings which can be used for more important things, like a dream holiday or your child's education.

Secondly, you will be contributing to a greener, healthier and more sustainable future; one that your children can be proud of inheriting. Running your house on solar powered energy will enable you to drastically reduce the size of your carbon footprint. Each year that your home runs on renewable energy is the equivalent of planting as many as 250 trees.

You can even generate a second income from our solar panels! If your system produces an excess of electricity, it can be fed back into the national grid. This means you can sell the electricity your home produces back to the utility company. Your investment will benefit not only yourself, but others too.

If you are looking for a solar company in Richardson that is able to offer a complete solution to your requirements, look no further. 1 Solar Solution LLC. We are even able to offer you affordable in-house finance options. Starting from as little as $99.00 per month, the cost of switching to solar power is now more affordable than ever before.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have head offices based in Dallas, TX, which are supported by a large number of regional branches. Our friendly call-center agents will be only too happy to assist you.

1 Solar Solution LLC – the preferred solar company in Richardson.