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Solar Installers TX

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Solar panels use photovoltaic cells to produce electricity. Solar panel brings a change in your life it is a wise investment. We are gifted with abundance of solar energy in nature and it is equally distributed in every part of our earth. Harnessing the solar energy is the wise decision because it saves our money and also it provides us clean environment. We always prefer to choose the best solar installation company within affordable price for our solar panel which is really a difficult task. 1 solar solution is the solar installation company which provides feasible and best services of solar panel installation. 1 Solar Solution, LLC is a premier Solar panel installation company based out of Dallas, TX. With experienced team, 1 Solar Solution focuses on providing a complete solution for the clients. Now they have flourished their business in TX. Now solar installer in TX is easy to find. The team at 1 Solar Solution is an experienced team with dozens of happy customers across the DFW metroplex, but it gets better. Members of our team has even installed, managed and owns a 5 MW plant that sells directly to the government in India! If experience is what you want then you came to the right place. The team works with the clients from their design to implementation. Now the cost of solar panels has fallen down and they are available in feasible price. Let’s discuss why solar panel is a good choice for your home. Solar panel provides you the electricity which is produced from the renewable source of energy by utilizing this energy you can save your grid electricity and if your panel has the capacity to produce more electricity then, you can also sell it back to the grid. It also reduces your burden of high electricity charges. Moreover it provides you good ROI (Return on Investment) up to 33% per year. Solar Panels can generate as much as 14,000 kWH of electricity each year That’s 350,000 kWH of electricity over its lifetime! It does not have any bad effect on the environment. It makes our environment clean by reducing the carbon footprints from the atmosphere. Getting solar panel is equivalent to planting more than 250 trees every year. So in my opinion this is the best way to go green and to contribute in keeping the Mother earth safe and clean.