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Solar power in Georgia is bright news!

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Solar power in Georgia is on the rise with exponential year-on-year increases in solar power capacity. It all started to explode in 2010 when existing solar capacity was increased by 800% in just one year. Utility companies are looking to solar power, but homeowners and business in Georgia are also contributing to the rise in solar power generation. After all, you can’t build a coal-fired power station in your back yard, but you certainly can install solar panels on your roof. If the utility providers can generate solar energy and sell it, it’s easy enough to generate your own solar energy and not have to pay for electricity again! Homeowners say it’s the ‘right thing’ to do Apart from saving money by getting free energy from the sun, solar power in Georgia is making residents feel good about their contribution to environmental health. To them, knowing that their carbon footprint has been drastically reduced is a meaningful benefit that can’t be ignored. When it comes to the environment, the bad news always seems to get the most attention, but solar power in Georgia is good news for all concerned. Why are so many people in Georgia turning to solar power? Back in the day, a solar installation was an expensive item, and there were few who could afford the cost, but with solar technology constantly improving, prices have dropped to the point where solar energy has become affordable to just about anyone. As prices for everything else gradually inch their way upwards, solar power has become incredibly cheap, with installation costs dropping by over 73% since 2006.  And with Georgia getting 2,663 hour of sunshine per year on average, solar power in Georgia makes a whole lot of sense. So what’s the payback time on solar power in Georgia? That depends on your energy needs and the solar system that you have installed. Generally speaking, it’s best to get in touch with 1Solar and asking for a free assessment of the implications of a solar installation for your home. Their consultants will help you to calculate the cost and the payback time you’re looking at, but broadly speaking, you are bound to save given the long life of photovoltaic cells these days. You don’t even have to be concerned about the initial installation costs, 1Solar is assisting those who want to install solar power in Georgia by helping them to obtain a financing plan. A win-win-win situation You’ve probably heard of a win-win situation, but Georgia residents are finding that solar energy is a victory for quite a lot of role players. Government wins through your contribution to their emissions reductions aims, the environment wins because you no longer use energy from coal-fired plants, the power grid wins thanks to reduced demand for electricity and you win thanks to the long-term savings that solar power brings. Industrial solar power in Georgia on the increase The more electricity you use, the more you stand to benefit from a solar installation, and industries in Georgia have been quick to recognize the potential boost that cost-savings can bring to their bottom line. While homeowners with solar power installations are smiling, business owners are laughing – all the way to the bank. Plus, they can keep on working even when the grid is down – no expensive downtime and wasted wages owing to power failures. Sure, you can have a diesel generator to cover you over a power failure, but diesel isn’t all that cheap either, and if you’ve got a factory to power, it can be a huge expense. Clean energy is here to stay It’s not a nine days wonder. It isn’t a fad. Clean energy is here to stay, and solar energy in Georgia is going to continue growing in popularity. Isn’t it time you investigated the benefits that solar energy can bring to your budget? Why not get in touch? Let us create a free, fully customized proposal for you. Within our proposal, we will provide you all of the information you need to make an informed decision. We’re ready to bet that you won’t find a better renewable energy company in Addison, and we’re confident that you’ll find us to be the best solar installers in TX. Give it a try! Call us for a no-commitment assessment and quote. ! Call us at 1855-60-1SOLAR (601-7652) or visit our site at   www.1SolarSolution.com