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 Welcome to 1 Solar Solar Solution LLC, the preferred home of solar panels Frisco! We take pride in being able to offer you a complete range of solar power solutions. From affordable in-house finance options to premium Tier 1 solar panel products; whatever your renewable energy needs, we have the solution! Our professional installation teams undergo rigorous training. They work according to strict safety regulations to ensure compliance at all times. They are able to draw from decades of experience and, as a result, can complete an entire project in under six weeks. When it comes to quality, we refuse to compromise. We supply solar panels that operate according to the highest specifications. A single panel of ours is capable of producing up to 14,000 kWH of electricity each year or roughly 350,000 kWH of electricity over a lifetime! These panels are fully covered by a 25 year lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. No other solar panels in Frisco can compete. How does that benefit you, the customer? The numerous benefits of having a complete solar energy system speak for themselves. You will be able to slash your electricity costs and see a return on investment of as much as 30%. Very few risk free investment opportunities are able to provide such fantastic returns. Money saved can be put towards that ultimate vacation you have been dreaming of. Unlike many other solar panels in Frisco, our panels are not restricted to the amount of space your roof can provide. We are also able to mount our panels on the ground. The more panels you have, the more money you can save. You can even generate a second income from your investment, because any excess electricity produced can be fed back into the national grid and sold to the utility companies. Each year that your home runs off solar power is the equivalent of planting up to 250 trees. This means that by flipping over to solar power, you will be responsible for a drastic reduction in your carbon footprint. You will be contributing to a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable future. You will help to reduce the dangerous levels of carbon emissions that are responsible for global warming. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we would like to offer you a free consultation with a dedicated professional. Our representative will be able to assist you with excellent advice and will be able to answer any queries you may have. Simply call our offices to schedule a meeting which can be arranged to suit your convenience. 1 Solar Solution LLC – for the best solar panels in Frisco!