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5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Get a Solar Power

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Are you considering getting solar power for your home or business? How will you know that you actually need it? Sure, if you live in a rural area, getting grid power to your property can be an expensive business, but what if you live in the middle of a city? Why get solar power then? We look at the top 5 signs you need to get solar power now!

  1. You’re sick of paying for electricity

For most people, this is reason number one. Why pay for something that you can get for free? A lot of people are put off by the costs of having solar power installed, but have you ever checked how long it will be before it starts paying for itself? 1 Solar Solution will do your math for you. All we need to know is how much electricity you consume. Then we can recommend an installation scaled according to your needs, work out the costs, and compare it with what you would pay for electricity from the grid. Once people see this, they are usually very pleasantly surprised, because solar power starts paying for itself really fast! Soon, you have what you wanted: free electricity. Who says ‘no’ to a freebie?

  1. Your utility is unreliable

Despite its reputation as the world’s leader in almost everything, the United States is 9th on the list of countries around the world that have ‘rolling blackouts’ or ‘load shedding’. Of course, we can be very glad that we’re not up there in the number 1 slot, but it’s still a shocking statistic if you take into account that most of the countries on that list are in Africa or South Asia. If you need electricity to run your business (and who doesn’t?) unreliable power supply can prove disastrous in terms of lost productivity. At home, it’s just a big nuisance that stops you from having hot meals or using your TV or computer – and of course, sitting around in the dark is kind of boring. That’s not to mention other kinds of blackouts caused by heavy weather, electric storms and so on. Keeping a generator on standby is expensive, and running it is even more so, but solar power is very reliable and requires little maintenance to keep it going. It’s also so cheap (read free) that it makes sense to use it all the time, and not only when there are blackouts! Solar energy is much more reliable than most people believe. You don’t need sunny days to generate electricity, you’ll always generate at least some, and battery systems can keep you running for three days with ease. The system itself requires little or no maintenance, and it lasts for more than 20 years. In fact, most of the components 1Solar Solution, Texas uses are guaranteed for that long.

  1. You want to do your part to save the world

Sustainable living used to be a rather fringe concept, but it has hit the mainstream. All over the US, people are trying to do their bit to conserve the environment and reduce emissions. They try to limit the amount of garbage their lifestyle produces, save resources like water, don’t like non-recyclable packaging, grow their own foods to reduce their carbon footprint and so on. By installing solar power, even if it’s just enough to power your geyser, you will reduce your contribution to air pollution dramatically. If you have a business, solar power offers you a marketing benefit over and above the cost savings and reliability of your electricity system. Businesses like marketing themselves as ‘green’ and one of the best ways to reinforce your environment friendliness is to install sower power. Don’t forget to tell all your clients you’ve done so.

  1. You’re paying too much tax

Surprise, surprise! Depending on the state in which you live, and whether you are powering a business or a private home, there are tax incentives and rebates that can work wonders to reduce your tax bill. Best of all, you’re actually being PAID to save money! There can’t be a better deal than that.

  1. You want to add value to your home

In fairness, you probably won’t recover more than the cost of your solar installation if you install solar power and sell up right away, but if you live in your house or run your business for a few years before selling up, you can get a better price for your premises because of your solar power installation. Add that to all the money you saved by not having to buy electricity from the grid plus your installation tax credit and you’re looking at a great return on your investment. Call 1 Solar Solution Would you like to know more? Are you interested in seeing your cost-benefit and ROI analysis? Call (O) 1(855) 60-1SOLAR (601-7652) today, or mail us at info@1SolarSolution.com