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Youths Protest Emissions as a Violation of Constitutional Rights

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The idealism of youth is standing up in US courts as a group of 21 plaintiffs aged between 8 and 19 bring a climate change lawsuit against federal government and energy companies to court. They contend that actions to reduce emissions have not been adequate, and that their rights as citizens are therefore not being protected. The kids are gaining widespread support as adults flock to support their cause while energy utilities can do little but object to the  ‘limitations’ imposed on them by the Clean Air Act – hardly a charismatic standpoint! While the youth is being granted the opportunity to be heard, many of us may be wondering just what we can do in support of cleaner air and a better future for our children, our country and the earth in general. Give the Utilities the go-by – or sell them clean power! It’s a fact. In this day and age we need no longer be dependent on utility companies to supply our electricity. We can even sell clean electricity from renewable resources back to them, reducing their dependence on polluting energy generation processes. All we need is a few solar panels. In the long run, we don’t even have to pay for our activism. The free electricity we get from the sun soon pays back the amount we invested in solar panels, and after that, we can see every KWh generated as money in our pockets. It almost makes us ashamed of being considered environmental activists – we have a profit motive! All the same, we shouldn’t let that deter us from installing solar panels for our homes or businesses. Since when need we be ashamed of getting returns on an investment, especially when it has the green ‘feel good’ factor as an added incentive? So, we get to support the call of the young for a better future, and we get to put money in our pockets, plus we get a tax rebate. Where’s the shame in that? Sometimes altruism meets pragmatism 50/50, and sometimes, it does a whole lot better than that! 1 Solar Solution: Solar energy in Texas In Texas, we like to believe that everything we do is bigger and better than it is anywhere else in the United States and even the world. Let’s start a movement towards solar energy as a means of making both a better place! Yes, we make a profit along the way, and so will you. Plus our kids get the benefit of cleaner air and a healthier future. Everyone wins! Solar energy is perfect for Texas conditions. There’s ample sunshine, and the new solar panels are super tough and durable even when the weather goes topsy-turvy, which it does on an all too regular basis. Climate change? We know it’s a reality. If we all do our bit, we can limit the damage. Our solar installations reduce your carbon footprint, save you money, and add value to your property. Looking for the best solar panels in Texas? We’ve got ‘em! Call us on 1(855) 60-1SOLAR (601-7652) for a free, no-obligation consultation.