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Solar power in Houston, Texas - the smart money is lighting up the board . . .

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Since the Solar panel was first introduced to the market, the word was always that the cost to the consumer of electrical power produced by solar panels was too high for people to buy into and that the installation costs were simply too high for the ordinary homeowner.   A little more than a year ago, a Solar powered home was an unusual thing: great that it is kind to the environment, clean and non-polluting, yes indeed - but for the average American it remained unjustifiably expensive in competition with electrical power generated by the traditional coal or gas burning facilities of utility companies. Against a background of wholesale power from utility companies that ranges between 3 and 6c per kwh, with retail costs much higher, solar power is making a load of sense to both industry and homeowners alike.

Solar power is the hottest game in town this year!

The dice are really loaded in favor of the homeowner who installs a Solar system before the end of the 2016 tax year.  As part of their drive towards cleaner, renewable energy, the Federal Government have cut all American homeowners a deal - upgrade your home to 21st Century standard with a Solar energy system within the current tax year, and you can take 30% of that installation value straight off your tax payment - and that is money straight back into your wallet right there! The Federal Investment Tax Credit is just one of a variety of incentives that make an investment in a Solar System very attractive for any homeowner. Here in Texas there is also a State Property Tax exemption available equal to the amount by which the value of your property increases after having a Solar energy system installed. In Houston there have been instances where homeowners associations have banned the placement of solar panels on roofs - but that is now something of the past. There are also various rebates and other incentives that are on offer from the local utility companies here Houston, all of which go towards making an investment in Solar power the financial investment opportunity of the year - as well as being a rock solid investment in a safer, cleaner environmental legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Solar power has come of age!

2015 was the biggest year in the history of solar power.  The USA saw a 66% increase in installed capacity, resulting in a total of 27,4 gigawatts being generated exclusively by Solar power - that is sufficient power to supply over 5 million American homes. This year is expected to see another enormous increase in the installed capacity of the country, with installations tailing off in 2017 when the Federal Tax credit lapses. Many of these new installations are expected to be in industry, but by far the largest increase is already in the residential market, where cost per kwh plus the range of incentives on offer have created a sweet spot for Solar investment.  By the end of this tax year the industry expects that this total will have more than doubled.

The many advantages of Solar power under the spotlight:

While the costs have been coming down, efficiency and dependability have been improving dramatically.  Higher efficiency has translated directly into lower pricing, as has economy of scale.  Simply put, economy of scale means that the more Solar panels that are produced, the lower the price gets - but the savings don’t end there. There are a whole lot more advantages to having Solar power installed in your home than we have covered so far.  Guarantees on equipment are typically long, installations create no noise, mess or odors, up-to-date designs and materials mean lighter panel arrays - meaning that they can be installed on most roofs without unwieldy and bulky racks.

An expert consultation to assess your specific needs - free of charge or obligation

There is no one-size-fits-all solution - each home is different.  Some homes need more power than others, appropriate roof space needs to be identified and many other criteria need to be taken into consideration when designing a Solar system. A Dallas-based company, 1 Solar Solution has decades of experience in this field. On the basis of a professional consultation we will design a system for your home, and around your specific needs.

  • Our Solar Panels carry a 25 year manufacturer guarantee.
  • We offer financing of Solar systems up to 100% with no deposit, with payments as low as $99.00 per month.
  • We do all of the paperwork for all grants and credits, free of charge.
  • Our partner CPA firm will prepare all of your Personal Tax returns, free of charge for one year.

1Solar Solution is the company for you

Don’t hesitate to contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation.  You will be surprised at the initial affordability, the great return on investment as well as the friendly, and professional service that 1Solar offers. Contact us today on (O) 1(855) 60-1SOLAR (601-7652), (F) 1(855) 687-7443, email us at info@1SolarSolution.com or visit our website at http://1solarsolution.com for more details.