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Massachusetts schools go solar, will solar energy in Frisco schools be next?

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Arlington schools are teaching kids about renewable energy and sustainable by putting their money where their mouth is. Soon, solar energy in Frisco will hopefully be seen in schools too. Six Arlington schools have gone solar, but it’s not only the educational opportunity that got them started – they’re also paying a lot less for their electricity than they ever did before. Thompson Elementary School, The Peirce School, Arlington High School, Ottoson Middle School , Stratton Elementary School, and Dallin Elementary school have all got working solar installations. An Arlington School superintendent says that seeing the solar panels gives her hope for sustainability, and comments that children will learn from having a solar-powered school. She calls it a “unique learning experience”, and although that is certainly true, we also speculate that the schools will be able to divert funds saved through using solar power into other worthy initiatives. According to city estimates, the solar panels will generate 850,000 kWh in their first year alone, and given the long life of solar panels, it would not be unrealistic to peg their energy production at 16 million kWh over the next 20 years. Town managers are also excited, saying that Arlington sustainability commitments call for the production of carbon-neutral energy. To emphasize the impact of te solar panels. LED screens have been installed, allowing students and their parents to see just how much energy the solar panels are producing. Solar energy in Frisco schools? With so many demands on school funds, saving costs by installing solar panels seems like a sensible move, and with solar energy in Frisco benefitting from lots of sunshine, it’s sure to be a viable alternative energy source. As the Massachusetts schools have discovered, it’s also a great educational lesson that shows real results in terms of energy that has been produced without any carbon emissions. Kids in Massachusetts may be learning about solar energy for the first time at their schools, and since this may well be the solution to America’s future energy needs, it’s a valuable lesson to learn. What about other public institutions? Solar energy in Frisco could benefit a number of public institutions including hospitals that require uninterrupted power supplies in order to perform their life-saving work. Currently, most hospitals rely on diesel generators, which are known to be inefficient, cost a lot to run, and produce carbon emissions. Producing reliable solar energy in Frisco could be the answer to this dilemma, keeping patients safe without harming the environment when the grid goes down – or even when it’s working just fine. Carry that through to business and industry Imagine if all the business and industries in Frisco moved away from ‘dirty’ energy and went solar? We’re confident they’d actually save money and make better profits, and they’d be able to advertise themselves as green businesses thanks to their use of solar energy in Frisco. Plus, with less demand for coal-fired energy, utility companies might be able to reduce their emissions too. Yes, certain industries do have high energy demands, but even if they supplemented their power with solar energy, they’d be making a difference. Our analysts would be able to tell them to what extent they could benefit from solar energy in Frisco. How can you find out whether solar energy could work for you? Whether you have a business, are a homeowner, or work for public service organisations, 1Solar Solution can analyse your current energy needs, determine what you could do with solar panels and present you with a full cost-benefit analysis that includes your year on your savings. Why not give us a call? Our energy proposal doesn’t cost you a cent, and you’ll be able to make an informed decision about solar energy in Frisco. Don’t let kids in Massachusetts leave you behind! (O) 1(855) 60-1SOLAR (601-7652) (F) 1(855) 687-7443 info@1SolarSolution.com