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Whitehouse is committed to clean, renewable energy

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The Whitehouse blog recently published a lengthy blog post underlining the government’s commitment to renewable energy. The post follows a summit in San Francisco at which 23 countries were represented. As most people will know, a small percentage of the world’s countries is responsible for most of the world’s carbon emissions, and the 23 countries represented those who are responsible for 75% of the world’s emissions. The US leads the pack in terms of emissions, but to offset that, the group of countries that attended the conference is also responsible for 90% of the world’s renewable energy investment. Solar power is cheaper and more widely adopted than ever Thanks to the dramatic decrease in installation costs, the amount of electricity generated through solar energy has increased thirty-fold says the Whitehouse. There is also three times more energy generated by wind, and energy-efficient LED lighting has also boomed as householders and industries strive to cut energy costs. Renewable energy investment must be increased still further Although there has been much progress, world leaders are aware that still more needs to be achieved. As a result, the US, together with 19 other countries, is investing in innovations that will help to reduce emissions still further. Universities are currently laying the groundwork for what could become the clean energy grid of the future, with Stanford University looking at methods that could be used to ensure that 50% of all grid power will come from renewable energy sources. A multi-faceted approach The drive towards clean energy involves more than just getting solar powered or wind powered infrastructure up and running. The business, finance and legal fields will all have to come up with innovations to make clean energy targets feasible. In addition those with new ideas for clean energy strategies will be getting access to grants and some of the most advanced scientific equipment available today. But the Whitehouse warns that the process involved in bringing new innovations to market is long and costly and should be seen as long-term project. As the president has said: “We have to accelerate our transition to the clean energy economy of tomorrow.  And we need the world’s smartest scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to help us do it.” President says there is good news and bad news for the planet. Obama says that there is good news for the world, saying that in the last year “More than half of the world’s new electrical capacity came from clean sources.” But, as the president points out, there is also disturbing news. In the same year, worldwide temperatures rose higher than ever before. Obama reminds us that the urgency of this threat continues to grow. What can you do to save the planet? You probably aren’t the president of the United States. Chances are, you don’t have millions to invest in global solutions, but you can make a difference. By installing your own solar power, you can be sure that you’ve done what you can to make the world a better place. Installing solar panels isn’t as expensive as it was a few years ago. In fact, it’s affordable and within the reach of most American households. And you can be sure that having solar energy will pay for itself long before the lengthy guarantee on your solar panels expires. Why not find out more today? Remember, global warming is an urgent issue. On its own, your house may not make a significant contribution, but if hundred and thousands of households all made the switch to solar energy, the impact could ultimately be enormous. It all starts with individuals like you. Get a free consultation 1Solar Solution offers Texas residents a completely free consultation in which your energy needs are matched with a solar installation. The service includes an evaluation of how long it would take for your installation to pay for itself, and you can get help with financing your project. Get in touch and claim your free renewable energy consultation without delay: (O) 1(855) 60-1SOLAR (601-7652) (F) 1(855) 687-7443