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Renewable Energy is not setting back.

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Renewable energy has always been a good idea, and every day is more used and taken into consideration. With the constant rise of the price that can be seen in the electric bills, we get every month; it is leading us to make a better choice, a choice that not only benefits us as residents of the Earth but also the future of the Planet. A decision that contributes to the delay and slowing down of climate change.

It is estimated that by 2040 solar and wind energy will be the main sources of electrical energy around the globe. Becoming the fastest energy sources that have evolved thanks to better technology, the shrinking costs of wind and solar power and the fact that these resources are free and unlimited. Talking about the United States; wind power composes 21 percent of the nationwide renewable energy, while solar is only 7 percent. Utilities and large scale operations heavily utilize wind energy while homeowners prefer solar energy.

Even though solar energy is only 7 percent of renewable energy at the moment; it has grown because of government incentives and also because the average cost of installing solar energy systems has dropped by at least 70 percent over the last decade thanks to lower equipment costs, lower installation costs.

Homeowners are looking at it as a good opportunity to save money, help the environment since it is emission-free and as an investment because adding solar energy will increase the value of the house. An article from Futurism says “One recent study found that solar energy systems add about 4.1 percent to the value of the average home, with higher rates occurring in major urban areas. Another study found that buyers are generally willing to pay $15,000 more for a home with solar energy.” Wind energy is not seen so much in residences, they are more used in large fields and in more remote places of the city, where the wind is stronger and more constant, and also some companies are switching to wind power for the lower cost and for the sake of going green. In 2020 the US now has enough installed wind to power over 32 million homes. Companies like AT&T and Walmart were on the top three buyers of wind power in 2019.

Gradually renewable energy and awareness have opened a path that has no setback and will be the best addition to the planet and our future.