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Solar Power Pays for itself – and saves you money

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Solar power is gaining momentum in the US – so much so that the EPA has revised its 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. It’s small wonder that the move towards solar power for homes and industries is taking the US by storm. After all, we all appreciate any move that offers us direct economic benefits.

But although greenhouse gasses might sound like something that doesn’t directly affect you and your family, the problem of air pollution is a real one that affects us and our health directly. Asthma, respiratory infections and allergies cost the healthcare system and private individuals billions a year, adding weight to EPA administrator Gina McCarthy’s statement that reducing emissions is a ‘moral obligation’.

A moral obligation – with big incentives

It’s always a pleasant sensation to know that you’re doing ‘the right thing’, but when doing so offers you direct benefits that reflect in reduced household budgets, it all becomes something of a no-brainer. Even without the substantial incentives being offered by government, solar power makes sense in terms of savings. Householders who cover their installation costs with a repayment plan will find that the savings they generate can more than cover the installation payments, and once the installation is paid for, you get all of the benefits of electricity with none of the costs.

Solar energy cost

Solar energy costs absolutely nothing. The only associated costs are installation and occasional maintenance – but you can get paid for solar energy too – so when you do tap into the grid, you’re simply recovering some of the surplus power you generated. The solution to our national air pollution woes is simple, and the savings incentive is making it very popular too. If the trend continues to gain momentum (which it surely will) we can look forward to being a healthier, wealthier nation than we are now.


Big benefits for the environment and for the people

The US has long been demonized as the world’s largest contributor to air pollution and global warming and has been criticized for being slow to take action, but the planned 30% reduction in emissions by 2030 should silence the harshest critics. It will also help to slow the local effects of global warming that we are experiencing here and now. An EPA climate study produced disturbing results that may point towards the reason why our weather has been, not only decidedly topsy-turvy, but often disastrous.

No sacrifice

When our country calls on us to work in the national interest, we’re usually ready to make huge sacrifices – but for once, taking action on behalf of our country is no sacrifice at all. On the contrary, we will benefit directly, substantially and immediately while paving the way for a better future for our children and the world.

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