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The 1 Solar Difference

What Makes Us Different AND Unique?

Why Choose 1 Solar Solution?

We are a very highly rated and respected solar panel installation company Nationwide.
Our experienced team of solar panel experts provide a total care solar installation package for our clients. You will benefit from our decades of experience in both the US Electric Market and as providers and installers of renewable energy packages.

Here are some more reasons to go with 1 Solar Solution :

  • Financing available—as high as 100% with zero deposit. Payments can be as low as $99/month.
  • 25 year manufacturer warranty on the solar panels. Buy with confidence.
  • Expert consultation at no cost to you.
  • We do all of the paperwork for grants and credits.
  • Free personal tax return preparation — for 1 year through our partner CPA firm.



The process begins with a straightforward free consultation with our experienced solar consultants.

We walk you through all the intricacies of solar panel installation from design to implementation. This discussion ensures that we find the best solution for your needs and your budget.

Our team will create a free, no obligation proposal exclusively for you that includes:

  • Easy to understand technical information on the equipment to be supplied.
  • A complete layout of exactly where solar panels will be installed on your roof.
  • A fully itemized cost list of the project.
  • Total amount of grants and rebates you may qualify for.   

Our vision is to make green solar energy available to all. For this reason we offer in-house financing for customers with approved credit.

We know that this is an important investment for you but rest assured; your satisfaction is our business. We have installed solar systems for many happy clients nationwide and would love to offer you that same outstanding service. Don’t delay, go green and call us today.

What can go wrong?

Installing solar panels could be one of the most important and cost effective investments you make. But mistakes can be expensive.

When buying solar panels you need,

  • The right advice from professionals.
  • To choose a company that gives you confidence the job will be done correctly the first time–a reputable company that has vast experience installing solar systems.

The following real-life incident shows what can happen when you don’t turn to professionals try to do it yourself.

We received a call from an electrician. He had a customer who bought 40 solar panels (10 kW) and wanted him to install them. The electrician had never done a solar panel installation and wanted to know how long it would take and how we would do the installation. The customer had already spent $16,000 on solar panels and could spend another $5,000 on installation, for a total of $21,000. A possible $6,000 tax credit would reduce the final cost to $15,000 – for a truly amateur installation and final product. We looked at the same home and ran the numbers. After factoring in rebates, grants and credits, a full professional solar panel install (including the panels) from 1 Solar Solution would have cost him $12,500. 1 Solar Solution would have saved him money and provided him with peace of mind because of our professional installation and a 25 year warranty as well. Don’t trust an amateur to do a professional job, especially when it comes to YOUR home!

The list of our satisfied clients is a testament to the quality of our workmanship. Our team has even installed, managed and owned a 5 MW plant that sells directly to the Government of India!